Ace’s Redemption goes LIVE on October 3, 2014!

There’s been some questions regarding reading order and the transition from the Lights of Peril series to Devil’s Despair.

I can tell you without a doubt that you do NOT need to read Peril in order to follow Despair. Enough background into Ace’s past and being part of the MC Peril is offered throughout the story. Ace’s Redemption is a STAND ALONE as well as book one in the Devil’s Despair series. Although some of the characters from Peril make an appearance, it’s still okay not to have read about them.

Here’s an excerpt from Ace’s Redemption.

Copyright © A.C. Bextor 2014

People fuck. It’s part of life. The human connection, whether it’s intimate and meaningful or not, is a necessary element for a person to feel accepted and grounded to something or someone bigger than themselves. What Cherry and I are about to do, thanks to her, pushes that shit to a whole new level.

I want inside her. I want to feel her clenching, moaning, and writhing in passion, begging me for more as she lies beneath me, taking everything I have to give. Her hair splayed out gently across my pillow, her desperate breaths mingled with mine as I take her mouth, and her legs spread wide as I thrust into her as far as I can get until we’re both shattered and sated. I’m not using her body to satisfy my own hunger or need, not this time. I’m using my body to make her mine.

“Ace, please. Slow down. My shoes!”

Turning back to look at her on the way to the truck, I realize she’s visibly stressed. I can help solve this shit for her. “Jesus Christ. Fuck the shoes, Cherry. Lose ‘em.”

Pulling my hand back, she stops me as I continue dragging her along. “No! These are new, they’re expensive and they’re cute.”

Cute or not, fuck the shoes.

Rushing to her and wrapping my hand around the side of her neck, I pull her to me in a quick gesture. As her body slams into mine, I bend my neck, take her mouth, and find it warm, wet, and completely compliant. This was not thought out on my part as it only increases my urgency to have her.

Not wanting to have a debate about her fucking shoes while my cock is throbbing and my breathing is ragged, I pick her up like a screaming bratty child and carry her the rest of the way to my ride. Her laugh, although addicting, isn’t helping, either.

I’m going to make her mine.

Finally, once I reach the truck with her in my arms, I set her down near the passenger side door and use the key fob to unlock it.

Sensing my state, Cherry decides this is a good time to tempt me further. “Ace.” Her voice is sultry and seductive – wanting.


“Shut up. Don’t fuckin’ talk, goddamn it. The sound of your voice alone is killin’ me.” She blinks in surprise, although I’m unsure why; surely the woman can see what a tormented state I’m in right now.

Opening the door for her to get in, she stalls and stands between the seats she should be taking and me, searching my face with those dark-blue eyes that are drowning in lust.

“Ace.” She glances down to see the strain in my jeans and her eyebrows lift; at the same time, her tongue licks her full and now savagely kissed bottom lip. “I thought we were friends.”

“We’re about to be friends that fuck. Get in.”

“Is this a good idea?”

“Yes.” I can’t think of one better.


One response to “Ace’s Redemption goes LIVE on October 3, 2014!

  1. Eurice Diaz November 15, 2014 at 8:38 am

    Just finished Ace’s Redemption and loved it. Wonderful story of love, family and second chances. The only thing I would like to see happen is that Decklan inherits his piece of crap father’s money. Raegan deserves that after everything she has been through. Looking forward to the rest of this series.


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