Saints and Savages is LIVE!!

I’m so excited to share with you all the release of Saints and Savages. This is the follow up to Empires and Kings. Though this book is about a different couple, you must read Empires and Kings first.  Who is Wren? Vlad is out for revenge and Ciro is plotting his comeback. Who will win? Your questions will be answered! The blurb and links are below! Enjoy!

Saints and Savages – New Release! Free in KU!


Three powerful families.

Two people lost among them.

One secret that threatens to tear apart their legacy.

The story of Empires and Kings continues with its next installment — Saints and Savages.


I’ve lived a quiet life.

After my parents’ unexpected death, life as I knew it irrevocably changed. I was no longer an ordinary girl kept safe and surrounded by my family’s extraordinary love.

I was alone, lost, and afraid.

Until I met a man who gave me reason to believe in a future I never thought I could have.

Liam Dawson became my friend.

I wanted to trust him.

He became my solace in a prison I couldn’t find my way out of.

I wanted to believe he could keep me safe.

He became my strength.

I didn’t mean to fall in love with him.

Then Liam discovered the truth of who I never knew I was.

And I needed him to become my savior.

Due to content this book should not be read by those under 18.

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Still need Empires and Kings? – 99 cents or FREE in KU!


I was known as the traitor’s daughter.
When I was five years old, my father was tortured, branded with the letter ‘Z’, then beaten and left for dead. The grueling punishment for his crime was a reminder to all others who dared threaten the Russian’s reign.

I was the young girl left behind. A living piece of the traitorous puzzle the Russian leader tried so diligently to ignore.

Until I grew up. No longer could he deny how much my existence had always been intertwined with his. And in order to survive the life I was thrown into, I was forced to learn my place inside of it.

Vlad Zalesky was a tyrant to the lost.
I hated him.

He was a terror of mass destruction.
I was afraid of him.

He was a tormentor of the weak.
I only wanted to hide from him.

But not far beneath the venomous man’s outward indifference was something else.

Vlad Zalesky carried secrets of unrestrained burden. I wanted to know those secrets.

And because of the decisions I made, someone in our family had to pay.

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Authors Note: This is a dark romance. Due to content, this book should be read only by those over the age of 18.





7 responses to “Saints and Savages is LIVE!!

  1. Teresa August 6, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    Hi there! Are you and when to continue the story on the Saints Justice? I love these books.


  2. diana magaha October 31, 2017 at 5:40 pm

    Will saints and savages be in audiobook? If so, when? Thanks.


  3. Elizabeth May 14, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    I loved both of these books!! I was wondering if you would do a spin off of Saints justice i would love to know he backstory between Gypsy andCricket??


    • acbextorauthor June 15, 2018 at 6:11 am

      Hi, Elizabeth! I just found your comment. I’m so so sorry for delay! Angels and Demons is now LIVE. This is Elevent’s story. Cricket, Leglas and Gypsy are next. ❤


  4. Teresa June 18, 2018 at 12:48 am

    I have enjoyed your two these book of Wren and Vald are there going to be anymore of them?


  5. Denise Gonzalez July 21, 2018 at 12:07 am

    Do you have a date for the next book on Cricket, Leglas and Gypsy?? I actually read both Empires and Kings and Saints and Savages today! Got nothing done at home….these books grabbed me and the rest is history….


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