KEPT – A Second Chance Fairy Tale

“I really enjoyed this book. I so appreciate having characters who have lived a little life and have experience under their belt. There are lots of laughs in this book, a few twists and turns and lots of love. I wasn’t sure how it would all end, because it could have gone a number of ways, but I was so satisfied in the end. I found the writing to be fantastic too. A great, romantic, lovely read!” Amazon Reviewer

“Such an amazing love story!!! It pulled me in from the beginning and I couldn’t put it down! It’s got everything you want in a fairy tale! Hope, heartache, LOVE, struggle, faith, trust and a little pixie dust!!- all wrapped around a brooding man and a spitfire woman who were destined to be together. You can’t help but cheer for Michael and Lucy, even when tables turn and secrets are exposed. This is definitely one of my favorite reads of 2016! A.C., as always, did a fabulous job.” Amazon Reviewer

“What a simply amazing book. Such a creative story that I hope Ms. Bextor plans to make into a sequel. We have 3 characters who must have time in the sun. I loved that we had a epilogue into the future BUT that does not give me what I want…which is more just like this one. It would also need to include a peek into the life of this couple into the future. I had expected a story in a very particular way and this author turned it into something very different. The dimensions and layers just kept coming. I think every emotion was covered from here and back during this book. I really found myself imagining the looks on the face of our guy throughout the entire book. Especially the more comical times. Each and every character was very carefully drawn and was fully realized. I was hopeful that a sequel was in the works so it’s off to social media to see what I can discover. I enjoyed the heck out of this book and this author should be beyond thrilled. She has serious writing chops and I had THE best time! Thank you so very much.” Amazon Reviewer


DIRTY – The Vengeance Duet Book One

“Plots within plots, storylines intertwined and social issues addressed flow through this amazingly intricate novel Dirty by author A.C. Bextor. In this first book from the Vengeance Duet series, Ms. Bextor once again demonstrates her ability to mesmerize her reader while creating an unforgettable world of love, vengeance and hauntingly moving characters. As I read this book, my emotions ran a gamut of highs and lows. At times there was laughter, love and hope then depression, hopelessness and what will happen next. This is Emilyn Carsen and Max Taylor’s journey to find lost love, vengeance, and redemption! You will not want to miss one word of their remarkable story.”  Twin Sister’s Rockin’ Book Reviews

“This book blew me away, it’s not your typical MC romance and expect the unexpected.” Blushing Book Blog

“It was gritty and dirty; you become immersed into Casey’s world and you can’t look away. The way she is treated, the conditions of her life are horrid. You want so badly for her to be saved but you don’t know if that will happen.” Jess for Nerdy Dirty & Flirty Book Blog

“Refreshing and heart-breaking. Dirty is a story about fear, love, passion and danger.” Amazon Reviewer

TRUTH – The Vengeance Duet Book Two

“If you have read AC Bextor books you know she makes the reader work for the HEA. It never comes easy and TRUTH is no exception. This book is filled with suspense. You’re kept on your toes wondering who is the bad guy? Who actually may be the good guy? It’s full of twists and turns. This is book is multi dimensional with elements of humor, wit and intrigue. A fantastic conclusion to an amazing duet.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“This duet series? A home run! The writing, characters, plot, and dialogue are all amazing while also containing a wonderful and heartfelt closure to the series.” Amazon Reviewer

“I can always immerse myself in her writing. I never have to guess where she is taking me on her journey because she writes with such fluidity that I can forget about everything else and just follow her words.
I can’t find that in all books, but I can find that in all Ms. Bextor’s books.” Amazon Reviewer

“This book went far beyond my expectations of where she would go and it was worth every word, every sentence, and every chapter. To not read this series is just wrong. It’s got everything you can want in a story.” Amazon Reviewer

PicMonkey CollageLOP

Holding On – Lights of Peril Book One

“This is a book that you will think about weeks after reading.” Amazon Reviewer

“This is the first book that has made me actually write a review…..I laughed, I was angry…and a first for me I cried!
I actually finished reading a few hours ago and I’m still teary eyed. I fell in love with Hem/Sadey and Shame/Mace’s relationships as siblings, friends and finally lovers. Hem may have just replaced Vishous as my book boyfriend.”  Amazon Reviewer

“Holding On .. the relationships between Mace, Hem, Shame and Sadey are wonderful! Friends and family for years and years. There is nothing Shame and Hem wouldn’t do for their girls. I laughed out loud at the banter between them all. I cried when shit got really real. Literally every single emotion was invoked at some point in this story.” Amazon Reviewer
“I was emotionally drawn to these young women and really felt for how they fought and stayed true to the men they have loved since they were little girls but deep in my heart I could never feel quite comfortable that they would all get their HEAs.” Amazon Reviewer

The Way Home – Lights of Peril Book Two

“The characters we grew to love in Holding On return and are more explosive and emotional than before. For Sadey, the sun is no longer warm and comforting, it’s a reminder that she must go another day without Hem, yet be strong enough to adapt to motherhood. When she nurtures her baby the face looking back at her is Hem, another constant reminder. And ironically when Patrick is fussy, the childish behavior is also linked to Hem. Life will never be the same; memories and pain have become their only constant.” Amazon Reviewer

“OMG! I loved it. The end of book 1 tore my heart out to only be put back together again right along with Sadey. Great book.” Amazon Reader

“This series will take you places you never imagined, haunt your dreams, rip your heart out, struggle through the unexpected turns and twists and then melt your heart to pieces.”  Secretly Adorkable Readers

“Brilliant second book, I loved Shame, and how all the mc clubhouse members pulled together as a family facing grief, and supported Sadey and Patrick.” Escape into my Reads Book Blog

Toxic – Lights of Peril Book Three

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. I was never rushed through the storyline and each component of the plot was covered in its entirety.” Amazon Reviewer

“I’m rating Toxic, an amazing, awesome story 10 stars! I can’t say I’ve ever read a story like this one. An extremely well-written back-story of Shame’s history with Hem, Mace and Sadey. The love story that began from the first moment he met Mace at the age of five advancing every one or two years, through to the present, their wedding day. Toxic was my favorite of the series, but Holding On and The Way Home were definitely close seconds.” Amazon Reviewer

“I have loved a lot of biker books but this series just is on a whole different level, I mean WOWZA….. The emotions you experience are a serious rollercoaster ride for sure!”  Amazon Reviewer

“We are witness to a deep sorta love shared between two people that can only get stronger with time. AC shows us the raw tortured past of a man that has grown to know the deepest love, a love he only holds for HIS Mace. The love Shame has for Mace changes from that of caring to protecting to possessive and down right sexually charged.” Amazon Reviewer

PicMonkey CollageDESPAIR

 Ace’s Redemption – Devil’s Despair Book One

“What a beautifully written story though, as much of the descriptions were almost poetic in nature and deeply moving (especially the beginning parts when Cherry and Ace’s inner feelings are revealed).
Another hit from AC Bextor and I can’t wait for the next book as we were left with some surprising developments at the end which will make for some interesting new stories to come.” ~ Sue B. Amazon Reviewer

“My hairdresser can attest that aside from greeting her, my attention was completely focused on my Kindle until I came up for air after the last page. It was simply too good to put down between the angst and the humor (yep, it’s a roller coaster). Not only did the author exceed my expectations with some incredibly well-developed characters, but the intensity meshed perfectly with the storyline (meaning there was substance to go with the spice). When you mix a rock band, a motorcycle club and two characters who generate plenty of sparks with some really bad guys, the outcome is rather combustible.” ~  Rachel’s Willful Thoughts

“I couldn’t stop reading this. Cherry as she is known by has had one heck of a hard life. Forced in to things by evil people who only continue to hurt her. She runs away from everything including her son to become a MC whore. Where she meets Ace. She leaves with him to California to help take care of his sister and grandma. She has to stay clean to be allowed to stay. So much heartbreak at such a young age. How much can she take before she cracks? This book is captivating and I loved it.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

Hayden’s Verse – Devil’s Despair Book Two

“If you’re looking for a great read, a wonderful love story, with some Rock n’ Roll, laughter, and at time tears, look no further. Hayden and Lacey will worm their way into your heart and permanently park there.” ~ Amazon Reviewer
“This story wraps you up and carries you through all the ups and downs these two and their friends experience. Lacey is just the right mix of fiesty, loyal and loving and then Hayden is all beautiful male you can’t get enough of, he is deeper than his looks and you can’t help but fall in love with him.” ~ Hellmouth’s Book Blog and Reviews

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